Baltic Earth/Gulf of Finland PhD Seminar

Exchange processes between the Gulf of Finland and other Baltic Sea basins

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The main idea of the seminar is to describe interactions between the Gulf of Finland with the Baltic Sea, providing new information of the poorly-known exchange processes in between the basins. The interactions include meteorological, oceanographical and hydrological process descriptions.

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This seminar on 19 November is intended primarily for PhD students and is attached to the Gulf of Finland Forum which takes place 17-18 November. PhD Students are invited to submit an abstract of their presentation which should be based on their PhD theses which are related to any of the above keynote topics.

A selection of oral/poster presentations will be based on the submitted abstracts. The best student presentation is honored with a GoF prize. There will also be a poster session, and all authors with an oral or poster presentation are welcome to send manuscripts to a Special issue of the Journal of Marine Systems, dedicated to the Gulf of Finland Year 2014.

There is no fee. Please register below.

Registration Deadline: 3 November 2015

Abstract Deadline: 7 September 2015 see website for call for papers

Attention: This Baltic Earth PhD Seminar is a connected but separate event from the Gulf of Finland Trilateral Co-operation Scientific Forum. For information and abstract submission for the Gulf of Finland Trilateral Co-operation Scientific Forum on 17-18 November, please go here.

For more information please refer to the seminar website.