PACES II Programme

Topic 4: Bridging research and society – products, tools and climate services


Knowledge transfer to the next generation: curious girls at the information desk of the climate office (Photo: I. Frings, HZG)

Many aspects of PACES research have a direct bearing on decision processes, by providing analyses of the present state, present changes, forecast of the short term future, and depictions of possible futures via scenarios for decades to come. The instruments are designed to be accessible for decision takers, the type of provided knowledge is prepared for fitting the needs and a science-public/stakeholder dialog is set in motion. The latter is guided by social science knowledge for addressing the societal context, in particular when the overall debate is politicized (“postnormal science”). The overall objective of the topic is to improve the utility of knowledge generated within PACES II for societal needs – both in technological and communicative terms, but also by recognizing the specific challenges resulting from the present post-normal situation of enironmental research in general.

Spokespersons for Topic 4:

Workpackage 1: Operational analyses and forecasting

Develop preoperational systems for environmental conditions in the Arctic Ocean and the North Sea based on the integration of observations and modelling and provide data products of synoptic analyses and short-term forecasts.

Workpackage 2: Channelling research data to enhanced data products

Societal groups are provided with improved technology for a simple access to complex data and information extracted from computer models and observations produced and aggregated in coastal and polar marine research.

Workpackage 3: Providing information – enabling knowledge and climate services

This work package provides a structure to develop decision-relevant, sound scientific knowledge regarding regional climate, coastal and polar issues for different user groups, as well as climate services to adapt to climate change for government, administration and business.