Dr. Rolf Riethmüller

Rolf Riethmüller

Integrated Coastal Observing Systems
Physicist, focus: Coastal Ocean Observating Systems, Physical Processes of the Wadden Sea
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2000 - 2015 Head of the department "Coastal Oceanographic Measuring Systems"

1995 - 1999 Project manager of the GKSS Wadden Sea research research activities comprise erosion properties of tidal flat surfaces and bench-mark data sets for coupled sediment transport models in coastal areas

1994 - 1996 Chairman of the "Trilateral Data Handling Group - TDG"

1992 Member of the "Trilateral Monitoring Expert Group" Development for the concept for the "Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Program" TMAP

1987 - 1994 Development of the "Wadden Sea information System" WATiS for Wadden Sea research and management

1983 - 1987 Study of the suspended sediment dynamics in tidal estuaries

since 1983 Researcher at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (formerly GKSS Research Centre Geesthacht)

1977 - 1982 Diploma thesis and PhD thesis High Energy Physics Lab DESY in Hamburg

  • Stability properties of tidal flat surfaces
  • Suspended sediment dynamics in coastal waters
  • Development of monitoring systems
Erosion properties of sediment surfaces
Integrated Monitoring and Coastal Observation
Environmental Information Systems
Suspended Sediment Dynamics
High Energy Physics