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Research & Projects

Influence of waves on the air-sea momentum flux


Air-sea interface PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) experiment, and lab results from Buckley and Veron, 2016 and 2017 (upper right). -Image: HZG-

In order to understand the complex feedback mechanisms between wind and waves, we are developing and using novel experimental techniques.
In particular, we use high resolution large field of view imaging systems (e.g., PIV -Particle Image Velocimetry-, LIF -Laser Induced Fluorescence-) to obtain 2-D snapshots of submillimeter-scale turbulent motions in the air and in the water near the sea surface.

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Details of the PIV experiment -Image: HZG-

This way we can visualize quantify and understand the turbulent kinematics that control air-sea fluxes.
These allow us to better comprehend how waves grow under the action of wind, and how they influence exchanges of momentum between the atmosphere and the ocean.

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Air Sea Interaction -Image: HZG-

We will use the obtained observations as well as existing controlled laboratory measurements to parameterize air-sea fluxes and to validate novel coupled numerical wind-wave models.