Special issue: „Jellyfish Blooms - New Problems and Solutions“

Three sessions related to the topic gelatinous zooplankton were held during the ASLO Aquatic Science Meeting 2009. Selected presentations of this complex theme have now been published in a special issue of the journal Hydrobiologia Vol 645 “Jellyfish Blooms: New Problems and Solutions”. The Department for Marine Bioanalytical Chemistry is represented with three contributions.

The presented results are based on studies conducted in the framework of the PACES program in WP1: Food webs and diversity under global and regional change“. In the WP1 subtopic “Organismal physiology and success“ adaptation capabilities of marine organisms to changing physical and biological environmental parameters are of general interest. The recent publications describe for instance regional differences of dominant, boreal jellyfish species concerning their equipment for foraging and the potential to destroy fish gill cells. Additionally a novel, in vitro method is introduced, that offers the possibility to study the property of jellies to paralyze prey organisms. These investigations regarding the speciality of jellyfish for prey capture contribute to the analysis of the function of gelatinous zooplankton in food web relations. Download

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