New Springer book on Marine Climate and Climate Change

New Springer-book "Marine Climate & Climate Change. Storms, Wind Waves and Storm Surges" (Weisse, R., and H. von Storch, 2009) appeared in print.

Understanding marine environmental conditions such as wind, storms, waves and surges is essential for off-shore operations such as shipping
or drilling, as well as coastal defence. These conditions establish the essential framework for the construction of dikes or operation of harbours.
Of urgent interest is whether - and how - marine environmental conditions have changed or will change as a result of human influence on climate.

Marine Climate and Climate Change comprehensively describes the methods and concepts upon which modern climate change reconstructions
and plausible future scenarios are built; describes changes in the marine environment and puts storms, storm surges, ocean waves and climate change into a common framework; discusses models and data problems; provides a complete overview of the subject for the very first


The book is available from The table of contents is available here


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