Research Programme PACES

At the evaluation of the Institute of Coastal Research following posters were presented to the international board of reviewers:


Gender Equality



Helmholtz Climate Initiative REKLIM

Centre of Competence

Third Party Funding

COSYNA - Coastal Observation System for Northern and Arctic Seas

Underwater gliders in the German Bight

New Sensors for underway systems

COSYNA - Data Management

CoastDat - Reconstructing past and projecting future coastal change

Artificial sandbanks in the Elbe Estuary

Awareness and perception of climate change

Estuarine circulation feeds the Wadden Sea

Human Dimensions of Coastal Areas

Data Analysis And Data Assimilation


Heimat on the German North Sea coast

Algal response to ocean acidification masked by natural variability in plankton community structure

Sources, sinks and internal cycling of nitrogen in coastal waters

Brominated flame retardants and Dechloranes in sediments from the German Bight

Microwave Radar Observation in Lateral Ocean

Occurrence, distribution and transport of (alternative) brominated flame retardants

Lena Research

Event driven approach for the identification of the environmentally safe fairway in the south-western Baltic Sea and Kattegat

Brominated Flame Retardants and Dechloranes in Eels from German Rivers

Wave Modelling for Global and Regional Scales

FerryBox: Scientific Applications in the Southern North Sea

Occurrence, distribution and fluxes of benzotriazoles along the German large river basins into the North Sea

Model for Adaptive Ecosystems in Coastal Seas (MAECS)

Changing tide – nutrient budgets in the Elbe in past and present

Regional Climate Modelling - Hindcasting and Scenarios

Long-term trends in Northern European storminess since 1850?

Towards a consistent description for dynamics of plankton, suspended matter and nutrients