Helmholtz Research Field: Earth and Environment
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Research Projects

The request for information on understanding the dynamics of coastal systems is steadily growing. At the same time, decision makers from governmental bodies and the private sector expect solution-oriented recommendations on dealing with coastal region management. The institutes within the Helmholtz Research Field Earth and Environment contribute in this regard by establishing observation and measurement systems, by developing and applying computer models, and by analysing observation and modelling data using analytical methods.

Research projects provide an opportunity to expand and contribute to this expertise. Such projects involve scientific partners, thus leading to a more pronounced increase in knowledge through such collaboration. Scientists at the institutes have been involved in many national and international projects for years. These projects are in part funded by external sources (e.g., by the European Union, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, or in cooperation with universities, such as within the framework of Hamburg University’s Excellence Strategy). Other projects lie within program-oriented support from the Helmholtz Association’s Research Field “Earth and Environment”. In addition, projects are undertaken as part of innovative initiatives in fields such as data science, earth observation and digitalization - these projects also aim to support sustainable management decisions.

A selection of the institutes' major projects is presented on these pages. Under Project List, you will find an overview of all current research projects in which the researchers work in cooperation with their partners. On the HZG’s EU project coordination pages, you will find information on both currently running as well as past EU research program projects.