Institute of Coastal Research


Specific data for coastal research result of real-time data collection, of data pools, of aggregated data, of numerical modelling. Specific demands require appropriate generated information based on these data. There are 3 databases provided for various requirements of users, stakeholders and public interest.

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COSYNA aims to provide data and knowledge tools to help authorities, industry, and the public to plan and manage routine tasks, respond to emergency situations and to evaluate trends.

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coastDat is a model based data bank developed mainly for the assessment of long-term changes in data sparse regions. A sequence of numerical models is employed to reconstruct all aspects of marine climate (such as storms, waves, surges etc.) over many decades of years relying only on large-scale information such as large-scale atmospheric conditions or bathymetry.

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coastMap is a database storing several research data by building up a habitat atlas of the North Sea. Being a public database, it serves solid scientific answers to various questions of interested public as well as for specific demands of stakeholders.