The focus of coastMap lies in campaign data, model analyses and thematic biogeochemistry maps.  more

COSYNA is special in that a great deal of data is continuously collected from automated measurement systems and made available in real-time.  more

Using coastDat data, past and future development of meteorological-marine environmental conditions can be calculated and evaluated over decades.  more

The Institute of Coastal Research provides model and observation data on coastal regions, mainly from the German Bight to the North Atlantic. This data comprises various physical, chemical and biological measurements and high-resolution model data, including, for example, temperature, salinity, waves, water levels, currents, wind, nutrients, pollutants, pH, chlorophyll and algae. The data has been collected and calculated in various manners. For ease of use, they were summarized below in three different portals.

coastDat – long-term changes in the marine environmental conditions
COSYNA – synoptic description of the present marine environmental conditions
CoastMap – geodata and information products

The portals allow access to data from the Institute of Coastal Research free of charge (in accordance with CC-BY4.0). Extensive data sets, time series, maps and statistics can be searched, visualised and downloaded in different ways. Data access and the metadata meet international standards, such as INSPIRE, ISO 19115, OPeNDAP, SOS.
Data access via data portals below.


COSYNA deals with scientific questions. Data and data products should thereby assist the governmental, economic and public sectors in planning and processing routine tasks and emergency strategies as well as in assessing trends. COSYNA portal ...

Coastmap Setcard

The marine geoportal coastMap provides access to HZG's data as well as data from its partner institutions. The focal points of the portal are measurement campaign data, model analyses and scientific topics that are explained in a comprehensible manner. coastMap portal ...


coastDat uses quasi-realistic numerical model systems to describe the meteorological-marine environment for regions where little data exists. Homogeneous, consistent model data (a few kilometres grid width, hourly data output over decades) are available. coastDat portal ...