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COSYNA data management organises the data streams between observational and storage systems at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht and partner sites, the data documentation and the user interfaces for data retrieval and presentation. By adhering to national and international standards and regulations for data management and quality control, COSYNA ensures compatibility with other marine and coastal data centres. These standards cover information sources, data exchange, metadata and data quality. COSYNA can therefore contribute to a European-wide network of coastal observation systems.

Monitoring the current state of the sea as well as the subsequent pre-operational reconstructions of these conditions and their prediction require fast transmission rates, automated quality control and data assimilation. The COSYNA data portal enables technical realisation of these data streams, ranging from the data source to the end user. Metadata, observational and model data are merged into a long-term, searchable archive which can help to identify the development of physical and biogeochemical parameters in the North Sea on a broad spectrum of temporal and spatial scales.

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