Biogeochemistry in Coastal Seas

Modelling for the Assessment of Coastal Systems

The Department of Assessment Modelling of Coastal Systems aims at providing the scientific basis for better assessments of environmental stress and risks for the complex coastal habitat. A central project is the development of the coastMap portal, which provides relevant data to both science and the interested public. In terms of observations, the focus is on sediment analyses and on data from various ship campaigns. In terms of modelling, essential information is extracted from detailed long-term simulations. Winds, currents and waves, for instance, are analysed with regard to their variability at various spatial and temporal scales, results are made available in a properly aggregated format.

Problem-oriented analyses examine risks of oil pollution, for example with the aim to assess the potential deployment of chemical dispersants in case of a hypothetical oil spill. Another focus is on the characterization of measurement positions with regard to the extent they reflect environmental conditions in particular marine areas.