Biogeochemistry in Coastal Seas

Modelling for the Assessment of Coastal Systems

The Department of Assessment Modelling of Coastal Systems is concerned with producing mathematically based models of the complex coastal habitat. Long-term simulations implementing various calculation models are employed in combination. One example of which would be the combination of atmospheric and current models. Researchers are therefore capable of forging a bridge from a purely physical description of the coastal area to biology. They are interested in understanding to what extent observed changes in the marine ecosystem might be explained by physical conditions. Of greater interest is whether the coastal Watt region of the North Sea will continue to grow as the sea level rises, or whether the prevailing currents will tend to wash it away. Owing to the combination of wind and current data, researchers are also able to examine risks involving oil pollution. An example of which would be to what extent, which section of the coast of the German Bight could be affected by an oil spill emergency. For their simulations, researchers use the coastDat database, created by the Institute for Coastal Research, which provides an image of nature.