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Biogeochemistry in Coastal Seas

Scientists in the division of Biogeochemistry in Coastal Seas investigate the origin, conversion and fate of chemical substances in the transition zone between land and sea. They concentrate on the interplay between human influence and natural variability in the material cycle of the coastal seas. A large range of efficient analytical instruments and the most modern laboratory infrastructure are available for examining air, water and sediment samples as well as biota from the marine environment.

The spectrum here includes heavy metals, nutrients and their isotope ratios as well as novel chemicals with particularly long lifespans. With the help of complex models, the researchers can make statements on emissions, transport and the whereabouts of these substances.

The results are integrated into the coastMap marine geoportal, which combines data on the physical, biogeochemical and biological properties of the seabed in the German Bight and provides a freely accessible scientific foundation for evaluating the condition and possible changes.

Marine Geoportal coastMap

Coastmap Foto

The marine Geoportal coastMap provides access to existing geodata and information products of the HZG and its partner institutions. Focus areas of the portal are campaign data, model analysis and scientific information for the interested public.

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Project coordination; Scientist
 Marcus Lange

Marcus Lange

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Matter Cycles in Coastal Seas

Coastmap App- 700x524 Eng

The global coastal seas form a narrow strip in the transition between the land and the ocean. Join us on a discovery journey through the North Sea and the research on matter cycling and the biogeochemical work undertaken at the Institute of Coastal Research.

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Director "Biogeochemistry in Coastal Seas"
Prof. Dr. Kay-Christian Emeis

Prof. Dr. Kay-Christian Emeis

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Highlight: Nitrogen Cycle

Elbe Hamburg

Nitrogen compounds are an important factor in the production of algal biomass. The team led by biologist Kirstin Dähnke from the Institute of Coastal Research is therefore carrying out extensive Elbe nitrogen measurements.

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Deputy Head "Aquatic Nutrient Cycles"
Dr. Kirstin Dähnke

Dr. Kirstin Dähnke

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