Dr. Tina Sanders

Tina Sanders

Aquatische Nährstoffkreisläufe
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Reactive nitrogen in the Elbe River
Stable Isotopes approaches for turn over processes
Impact of nitrification on the turnover of reactive Nitrogen in Elbe River
Nitrifying microorganisms
Nitrification in cold environments

since 07/2011 PostDoc Helmholtz-Young Investigators Group “Sources, sinks and internal cycling of nitrogen in coastal waters – Identification of key processes using stable N isotopes“

06/20011 PhD on the Institute of Soils Science Thesis: Characterization of ammonia oxidizing organisms in soils of cold and moderate climates and their impact on the global nitrogen cycle.

11/ 2006 Diplom Biology University of Hamburg, Germany Vergleichende Untersuchungen kälteliebender nitrifizierender Bakterien aus Permafrostböden im Lena Delta, Siberien

03/2002 Vordiplom Biology, March 2002 University of Oldenburg, Germany