Institute of Biomaterial Science

Stem Cell Modifications - Biomaterials



During regeneration and tissue homeostasis self renewal of stem cells is subtly balanced with proliferative expansion and differentiation into mature cells. Self-renewal, proliferation and differentiation are, by and large, mutually exclusive. The cellular decisions to be made between these processes and the execution of genetic and epigenetic cellular programs are guided by a plethora of biological, chemical and physicals signals, all within the framework set by the inherited genetic information and cross talk between the cell and its environment.

An overarching interest of the department of “Stem Cell Engineering & Biomaterials” is to analyze and understand the mechanisms involved in stem cell growth and fate decisions of multipotent and pluripotent stem cells. The scientific interests focus on hematopoietic and induced pluripotent stem cells (termed HSC and iPSC).

A mayor assignment is to apprehend the interactions of stem cells with polymeric biomaterials, taking advantage of the numerous functionalities that can be implemented in chemical synthesis and physico-chemical design to guide maintenance of stem cells, expansion, or differentiation into precursor cells. Progress along the studies of stem cell interactions with biomaterials will ultimately be of critical importance for the clinical success of novel biomaterial/cell-based therapies.