08.10.2008 News

New Business at Research Site Teltow-Seehof

Co-operation between the korean-german Joint Venture BMP-Nepes and GKSS Research Center regarding biomaterial development for medical applications

A joint letter of intent for a long-term co-operation in the scope of biomedical engineering and biological science was signed between BMP-Nepes, a korean-german Joint Venture, and the GKSS Reseach Center for Biomaterial Development.

Joint venture BMP-Nepes

Young Sam Hur and Andreas Lendlein signing a letter of intent, Oct 8th 2008

The Center for Biomaterial Development and the BMP-Nepes GmbH propose to create a long-term co-operation within the scope of biomedical engineering and biological science, respectively.
For this purpose the head of the department of “Life-Sciences” of BMP-Nepes, Mr. Young Sam Hur and the director of the Center for Biomaterial Development Prof. Dr. Andreas Lendlein signed a joint letter of intent referring to future co-operations on October 8th.

“Prospectively we will work closely together”, said Prof. Dr. Andreas Lendlein. “With the help of the BMP-Nepes we are able to place our products on the Asian market.”


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