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Head of the Institute visits the Helmholtz Office Israel

On the 8th-11th April, Prof. Andreas Lendlein visited Israel, a country with a unique innovation landscape.

B. Shapira

Billy Shapira, head of the Helmholtz Office Israel and Prof. Andreas Lendlein, head of the Institute of Biomaterial Science. Source: HZG/ Marc Behl

This week, Prof. Lendlein deepened the ties between the Institute for Biomaterial Science of the Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht and the scientific community of Israel. Israel is an international research hub with a many high-ranking universities and world-renowned research institutions, such as Tel Aviv University, the host of the first tutorial from GrowBot. GrowBot is the Horizon 2020 project that seeks to develop robots that, like plants, climb and adapt to their environment. Prof. Lendlein presented a talk on the polymer actuators that the Institute will contribute to this project, to act as artificial muscles.

Following the meeting, Prof Lendlein met with Billy Shapira, the head of the newly opened Helmholtz Office Israel. The Office in Tel Aviv is the official representation of the Helmholtz Association in Israel and serves as a first point of contact for existing and future partners in research, innovation, business, and politics. It provides the Israeli community with information on the scientific activities and the unique research infrastructures of the Helmholtz Centres. Besides Tel Aviv University, the Institute has cooperated with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem for many years.

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