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Materials engineers and biologists for a day: Girls' and Boys' Day 2019

Institute of Biomaterial Science helps pupils discover new careers and test out their abilities.

Girls und Boys day 2019 Group photo

The future materials engineers and biologists who took part in Girls' and Boys' day. Source: HZG/Sebastian Göldner

Today, the Institute of Biomaterial Science, Teltow, welcomed 29 pupils from 23 Berlin and Brandenburg schools. Places for this fifth edition of Girls' and Boys' Day were booked out in under 48 hours!

The girls examine 3D-printed hearts.

The girls examine 3D-printed hearts. Source: HZG/Fraeya Whiffin

Prof. Andreas Lendlein, the head of the institute, was delighted by the pupils' enthusiasm for natural science and engineering.

The girls were "materials engineers for a day" and got to experience how one can quickly produce a polymer prototype using 3D-printing, how challenging it is to create and understand microscopic images, and how a special kind of polymer can be totally bent, but still go back to it's original shape on demand.

The boys, on the other hand, were "biologists for a day".

A boy looks at human skin cells through a microscope

A boy looks at human skin cells through a microscope. Source: HZG/Fraeya Whiffin

They learnt how to culture mice cells outside of the body as well as how to make sure you only grow mice cells and not bacteria through careful sterilisation. A boy said "I liked that I could make something myself, and that I learnt something new".

Girls' Day and Boy's Day are nationwide inititives whereby pupils from the 5th Class (10+ year olds) expand their options for their future careers by learning about jobs and specialist subjects in which their sex is underrepresented. more about Girls' Day

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Photos from Girls' und Boys' Day 2019