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Open House at the Teltow-Seehof Research Campus

Approximately 500 visitors attended the Open House at the Institute of Biomaterial Science in Teltow this past Saturday. Several stations on campus welcomed participation.

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Institute Director Professor Andreas Lendlein opened the event with a brief greeting. In the morning as well as in the afternoon, he presented an overview of research topics investigated at the science campus.

Children could participate in various interactive experiments and take in the research ambience. They could, for example, study the composition of felt-tipped pens using paper chromatography. For the bigger visitors, different experimental demonstrations were presented in the open laboratories and the scientists were readily available to introduce their research and answer concrete questions.
The campus tours on various topics were amongst the highlights. Guided tour groups could get a peek into laboratories that would otherwise be closed to the public. The entire spectrum of subjects was covered, from chemistry to histology.

The program rounded off with an entertaining science show for the little researchers that involved various experiments, including with dry ice, and a colourful children’s program that took place in the outdoor area.

Hands-on Science

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