Product Development

Cell and Tissue Specific Material-Box, CTSM-Box©

Medical Grade Polymer Libraries for Evaluation in Biology


The CTSM-BOX© contains groups of ready-to-use materials (single packed and sterile). The CTSM-BOX© materials can be applied in cell culture devices to observe previously unknown effects in proliferation and differentiation as well as in selectivity.

CTSM-BOX© content:

  • medical grade polymers
  • (co)polymers with systematically varied properties
  • differently shaped bodies are available
  • documentation of material characteristics
  • co-operation contract ensuring sustainability

Main Advantages

The CTSM-BOX© can be easily applied to the customers lab equipment, which allows a fast integration into basic research and the development of cell culturing and related technologies.

No additional instrumentation is necessary to inspect the materials according to R&D requirements.

CTSM-BOX© is available in terms of different priced versions:

  • Basic Version: one system of copolymer, 6 samples of each shape
  • Advanced Version: two systems of copolymers, two shapes, 12 samples of each shape
  • Special Version: all systems of copolymers, two shapes, 24 samples of each shape

- The CTSM-BOX© is now available with several polymer systems systematically varied in hydrophilicity, surface charge, and morphology. All formulations can be presented as transparent films, disks, multi-well plate inserts or foams.

- The available morphologies are in the range of glossy to rough according to VDI 3400 Ref. 45 and 33

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