Common Methods

  • polymer synthesis
  • polymer characterization

Special Techniques

Technique of reaction

Equipment / Model
UV Excimer Curing Module
Heraeus Noblelight, BlueLight UV-emitter length of emitter: 60 cm, wavelength: 308 nm
Hg - Steam pressure lamp with HBO 50W/3 lamp, liquid-filter system and optical filter
L.O.T. Oriel GmbH
Thin layer evaporator for concentration of polymer solutions / purification from monomers, solvent reclaiming, and purification of temperature sensitive substances in vacuum
ILUDEST Destillationsanlagen GmbH
Spray dryer
Mini Spray Dryer B-290, Büchi Labortechnik GmbH
Stirrer tank reactor
Büchi Laborrührautoklav bep 280 Büchi AG Uster
Freeze drying system for organic solvents and for aqueous systems
ZIRBUS technology
Lyophilization system
Christ Alpha 2-4 LDplus
Modular System for synthesis, precipitation and work up of different polymers
Equipment combinations for polymer preparation up to 1 kg material
Explosion-proof Synthesis Chamber
Enclosure approx. 12 m2 (useable height approx. 4,50 m) for work with higher amounts of volatile solvents


Equipment / Model
FTIR-Spektroskopy (Recording of IR-spectra from solid bodies and liquids)
Magna 550 , Nicolet (Transmission, attenuated total reflexion (ATR), reflection absorption spectra (RAS), time resolved spectra)
Water determination of liquids and determination of bromine number of unsaturated bonds
Karl-Fischer-Coulometer AQUA 40.00, analytikjenaAG (ECH)
Determination of functional groups in polymers (-COOH, -OH, -SO3H, -NH2, Cl-, anhydride and epoxy) using potentiometric titration
Titrino 716 DMS, Metrohm
Gel permeation chromatography (GPC, SEC) determination of molecular weight (MW) and MW distribution (Mw, Mn, Mz) as well as radii of gyration, GPC/FTIR-coupling for high boiling eluents e.g. DMF
Four facilities with different components (detectors, eluents, and columns) for chloroform, THF and DMF, Jasco, PL, PSS, Wyatt, Lab Connections, Viscotek and Bures
Vapour pressure osmometry, determination of molecular weight (Mn) in different solvents, Mn up to10 kD
Knauer vapour pressure osmometer
Membrane osmometrie, determination of molecular weight (Mn) in different solvents, Mn >10 kD
Gonotec membrane osmometer Osmomat 070
Viscosimetry of polymer solutions, determination of intrinsic viscosity and MH-parameters
Process viscosimeter, Lauda and Vistec
Rheology Rotation viskosimeter with cylinder and disc/disc geometrie for gels and polymer solutions
Rheoviskosimeter (Rheotec), Haake MARS (Thermo Fischer) with Peltier- element und 20 / 60 mm disc/disc geometrie, RheoWin Software
Thermally controlled polarisation microscopy
Axio Imager A1M, Zeiss, transmitted and incident light, 4 different magnifications 5x,10x,20x,50x, Bertrand lenses system, CCD-Camera, hot stage LTS350
Materials testing: tensile and compression (F = 20 N - 5 kN, with thermostat - 60°C to 150°C F = 20 N to 100 kN)
Z 005 (Zwick), Z 2.5, (Zwick), Z 1,0 (Zwick)