Current Employment Opportunites

"career and family audit" - The Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht has been certified since 2008.

"career and family audit" - The Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht has been certified since 2008.

Our “science creates benefits” motto combines the scientific expertise at our research centre with the knowledge utilised in developing concrete applications for present and future use. Qualified and motivated employees ensure our success!

We are also an apprenticeship establishment for commercial and technical professions. The quality of training is very important to us here. We are proud to have been awarded various recognitions, including from the Lübeck Chamber of Commerce for outstanding service in professional development.

In addition to standard employment, we offer positions to doctoral candidates and other students enrolled in higher education. We also offer internships to students at the university level as well as to those still in secondary school so that they can become acquainted with our work and with our research centre.

Apply now and become a member of the Helmholtz community. Whether you’re interested in research, technology or administration, we offer interesting positions in a range of fields. Please refer to the specific position offered for further information and requirements.

PhD students (m/f)

Date 23.06.2017
Institute Institute of Biomaterial Science
Location Teltow

The Institute of Biomaterial Science in Teltow of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht invites applications as PhD students (m/f). more

Scientist (m/f)

Date 15.06.2017
Institute Institute of Coastal Research
Location Geesthacht

Scientist (m/f)
code no. 2017/KS 8
The place of employment is Geesthacht.

The Institute of coastal research at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht hosts a number of highly motivated and experienced researchers in the broad field of coastal research. A research focus lies on numerical modelling of coastal processes with specific expertise in modelling of atmosphere, ocean, marine biogeochemistry, atmosphere and ocean chemistry and sediment transport and morphodynamics on regional and coastal scales. We plan to enlarge our modeling team by an expert in discharge modelling and invite applications for a permanent position. We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced scientist (m/f) and acknowledged expert (m/f) in hydrological modeling on climate timescales. The duration of the position is 24 months. more

PhD Position (m/f) in numerical modelling of coastal and shelf morphodynamics

Date 15.06.2017
Institute Institute of Coastal Research
Location Geesthacht

PhD Position (m/f)
in numerical modelling of coastal and shelf morphodynamics

The Institute of Coastal Research at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht investigates coastal and shelf processes including interaction between land, sea and human being. As a means to identify the potential for change, sustainability and adaptation, scientists at the institute provide the tools, assessments and scenarios for managing the vulnerable coastal and shelf landscape. Coastal and shelf mud deposits represent the proximal sink for continent-derived material during modern sea level conditions. They serve as habitat for benthic life and store large quantities of carbon, nutrients, and contaminants. Most of them initiated to develop during mid- to late Holocene. Despite of their important role in the global source-to-sink transport and ecosystem functioning, their growth dynamics and the particular natural as well as anthropogenic drivers that shape their morphology remain largely unknown.

The objective of the position is to investigate the basic driving mechanisms for morphogenesis and morphological development of large-scale (10-100 km in length) shelf mud depocenters, with particular emphasis on the impact of extreme/energetic events (e.g. storms, floods, energetic internal waves and submesoscale eddies) as well as intensive human activity (bottom trawling).

The duration of the position is 36 months.


Controller-Trainee (m/w)

Date 09.06.2017
Administration Administration
Location Geesthacht

Wir suchen im Rahmen unseres Fachtraineeprogramms zum 01.09.2017 - befristet für zwei Jahre - einen Controller-Trainee (m/w) im Kaufmännischen Stab.
Der Dienstort ist Geesthacht. more

Postdoc Position (m/f) in Modelling of Materials Interfaces

Date 07.06.2017
Administration Institute of Materials Research
Location Geesthacht

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht is seeking to appoint a new Postdoctoral Research Fellow (m/f) in frame of IDEA (Interface, Design, Engineering and Assessment) platform. The successful candidate will be employed as part of internal Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht collaborative project dedicated to understanding of interfacial processes for different material systems. The position is foreseen for 36 months.
The place of employment is Geesthacht. more