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Summer pass

Summer pass

A day of experimentation for secondary school students.

It’s all about power! Everyone has probably exchanged the batteries for his or her Gameboy or MP3 player. After all, the devices run on electricity. But what is electricity actually? How is power generated and stored?

In this course, we will use generators and solar modules to produce electricity from water, wind and the sun. In addition, we will examine the possibility of generating power from an apple, a potato or from cola.

We look forward to your visit!

To find out the dates of this summer holiday course, contact the organisation responsible for your local area. This organisation will then register you for the course:

1. Summer pass for Herzogtum Lauenburg, valid also for Geesthacht ( , tel.: 04152 836704)

2. Ortsjugendring Lauenburg

3. Ortsjugendring Wentorf


Parent-child research day

Parent-child research day

On this day, kids can perform experiments together with their parents. This offer is geared towards children between six and eleven, accompanied by their parents. Naturally, children can take part with their grandparents as well.

We will conduct many experiments to learn about electricity. We will produce electricity ourselves in various ways. In addition to generating power with windmills and solar modules, we will find out if it’s possible to produce electricity with apples, potatoes, lemons and cola.

This research day is meant to spark your interest in science and show you how to have fun experimenting.

The dates for this event will be published in the local newspapers.

Continuing education for teachers

Continuing education for teachers

We provide teachers with the opportunity to familiarise themselves in the use of our student lab kits for the “Hydrogen and Fuel Cells” topic.

We will show you how to use the experimental kits and how you could treat the topic when instructing students of fifth form and up. The tests are organised in such a manner that they can also be performed at school.

Naturally, you will also get to know our Quantum Leap laboratory for schools. We will provide you with insight into our work and show you how the “Hydrogen and Fuel Cells” project day is organised.

Contact lab director Michael Buchsteiner for information on dates and how to register.