HZG as an Employer

What we offer

We value good employees at the HZG. That is why we adhere to an equal opportunity policy and offer our employees targeted professional development and seminars. We are also aware of issues in reconciling work and family life and the balance between the professional and private realms.

“work and family audit”


The HZG has been recognized for the third time in a row for its progressive personnel policies.

The Hertie Foundation’s “career and family” (“berufundfamilie”) non-profit initiative has honoured the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG) the third time in a row for its progressive human resources policies, which include flexible schedules without core working hours, telecommuting possibilities, the “Familienservice,” health management and the childcare facility. The audit has evolved into a hallmark for family policy within the German economy and is recommended by leading German trade associations. It falls under the purview of the Federal Ministry for Families and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs. Click here to read more.

Support Programs and Seminars

Istock 000015704019large© Alexander Raths

Employees at the HZG can complete skill enhancement and professional development programs as well as internal training. Photo: Alexander Raths/iStock

Our goal is to have content and high-performing employees. We therefore offer those working at the HZG individual skill enhancement and professional development programs to support them in their professional environment and in their everyday workplace. In addition, regular internal training courses take place, which include scientific writing, various management fields (conflict, priority, and self-management) as well as software training in Microsoft Office and in foreign languages (German and English).

We offer our junior managers additional seminars at the Helmholtz Academy in cooperation with “osb international Consulting,” one of the leading systemic management consulting companies in the German-speaking world, and at the Institute for Systemic Management and Public Governance at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland).

Work-Life Balance

To help our employees manage the balancing act between their professional and private lives, we have been supportive of flexible working hours and telecommuting for several years now. Approximately one hundred different part-time solutions exist altogether at the HZG. Since the year 2000, we have been working together with the "pme Familienservice” group, which advises firms and institutions specifically on familial topics.