What we offer


Pensioner and nurse

Eldercare serves mainly to relieve professionals in their care duties. Photo: Mateus Zagorski/ iStock

In cooperation with pme Familienservice, we offer our employees what is known as eldercare options. These services help to relieve professionals in their care duties and to assist with the organizing and financing of such needs. Eldercare is also aimed at employees who themselves are occasionally dependent on care or need household assistance – for example, after hospitalization.

Eldercare Services
Information on care possibilities currently available on the market
Individual counselling in areas such as how to employ a caregiver or consulting on pedagogical approaches (information materials are also available)
Procurement of individual care solutions
Support in selecting lay nurses and household help
Conflict management and prevention
Assistance with written forms (applications and disputes)
Information on legal framework and upcoming legislative changes

The advisory and agency services are free of charge for all HZG employees. Costs incurred for the care are to be covered by the employees themselves.