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Dual Career

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The Dual Career Program would like to help partners of our new hires get started in professional and private matters. Photo: GlobalStock/iStock

The HZG offers a dual career service for life partners to top scientists and other highly qualified employees in the course of personnel recruitment. The service can be used, for example, in the context of appointment negotiations.With this offer, we would like to help your life partner to start moving with you. The Dual Career Service is carried out on our behalf by pme-Familienservice GmbH, a company of educators and social pedagogues who offers support in French, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Russian and Turkish in addition to German and English.

Examples of dual career support options:
Identification of research possibilities and special features of the German/North German labour market
Active help in job search also via pme's own network with more than 700 companies, some of which are internationally active
Assistance with administrative formalities (e.g. residence permit, work permit, recognition of vocational qualifications and academic education)
Individual information and advice on different care models with the special features of the German, decentralised education and care system
Placement in private or public schools with a focus on language acquisition and socialisation opportunities for children and adolescents
Support in the search for homework supervision and tutoring
Support for applications and registrations

Any care costs incurred, e.g. for childcare or relatives to be cared for, are beared by the employees themselves.

If you have any questions about the Dual Career Service, please contact Martina Ollesch from Human Resources Management.


Head of Personnel Development Human Resources Management

Martina Ollesch

Phone: Tel: +49 (0)4152 87-1651

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Dual Career Network Hamburg + the North

We are part of the network Dual Career Hamburg + the North. The aim of the "Dual Career Hamburg + the North" network is to support scientific, cultural and economic institutions in recruiting top talent for the Hamburg metropolitan region and the north.

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A link to the network "Dual Career Hamburg + der Norden" is available here from the beginning of 2020.