List of projects

Within our technical capabilities, we assist, advise and manufacture custom-made for you.produce costume made, we support and consul you to implement your ideas.

Realised Projects

Own Projects

Electronic dice

The body is made of high quality aluminium, the on /off switch is integrated in the decorative brass ring. By pushing the buttom you "roll" the dice. Four digital readouts present the diced number between 1 and 6. No chance for cheaters every push counts, it can't be manipulated.
The compact dimensions of the "dice-cube" is ideal for gambling in narrow spaces. The massive way of building makes it immune against damage. The dice combines lordly design with grand functionality

Key pendant LIGHTHOUSE

The minimalist design key pendant is made out of high value materials. The key pendant is useable in versatile ways.

Key pendant Cube

The eccentric key pendant CUBE let you take part on the luxury of the unique. This article inspired by its unusual design is an absolute eye-catcher.
The key pendant is a high-class workmanship.

Lighthouse with LEDs

The shapely lighthouse was made out of high value aluminium. Single components are eloxadized in red. By this attribute the lighthouse catchs the eye of beholder in a positive way. You can switch the LED lights in three different rhythms. The lighthouse is a elegant alternation in every modern livingroom or office. You can delight yourself every day new with this unique accessoire.

3D puzzle

3 dimensional dice puzzle. For nice hours of gambling.
A fascination for the whole familiy.