Offer for Students & Pupils

The Principle "Spurwechsel"


"Spurwechsel" is equiped with the latest technology

The trainee project “Spurwechsel” allows the experience of a whole commercial process and a deep view into other professional guilds.

"Spurwechsel" aims at the cognition and understanding of complex interrelations between the specific processes, steps and the different departments of a modern industrial firm. In addition "Spurwechsel" trains the cross-linked intellectual power and the aim oriented thinking.


Comprehensive thinking and action is promoted getting in close contact with complicated things at work. The important key skills, which are essential for the profession, are imparted by this training project. In particular the soft skills like the competence of solving problems, communication, conflict management, honesty, reliability, tolerance, fairness etc. is improved.

"Spurwechsel"s aim is to give the ability to the trainees to adapt theirself to future changes and challenges. Inspite of all self-responsible and independent working the trainees aren’t left on their own. Every morning there is a meeting with a training supervisor. This is the platform for the trainees to plan and discuss the aim of the day, projects, actual stands of assignments and similar things.

All in all "Spurwechsel" opens up new possibilities for the trainees and increases the open minded and positive thinking of the participants.

Within the 4-6-month stay at "Spurwechsel" different educational contents are mediated.

  • Working under real conditions
  • Self organization of the commercial process
  • Mediation of key qualifications. The education project is a part of the individual support of the trainee aiming at the development of the abilities and personality.