Training Project "Changing Lanes"


The fields of responsibility in this project are clearly defined. Every trainee adds his part to the end product and so bears a part of the collective responsibility. By arranging different opinions and points of view and making decisions together all trainees take part in the business process of the model firm “Spurwechsel”, which is administrated self dependent.

Electronic technician

Spurwechsel Banner 2014

* Mounting an connecting resources, plant and equipment

* Creating the documentation, diagrams and dimensional drawings

* Measurement and analysis of electric functions and sizes

* Configuring and programming of controls

* Counseling and support for customers

Industrial clerk


* Provision of information

* Planning and organisation

* Order initiation and prearrangement

* Order postprocessing und service

* Cost accounting and payroll services

* Reporting and planning needs

Industrial mechanic


* Planning and organisation of work

* Costumer oriantation

* Manufacture, assembly and deassembly of components, modules und systems

* Manufacture and comissioning of technical systems

* Supervising of the quality of products and processes

* Ensuring the quality of product


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* Preparation of technical drawings

*Running detailed design

* Computer aided design

Cutting machine operator


* Manufacture of components and assemblies

* Programming and set up of numerically controlled machines or production systems

* Interoffice and technical communication

* Planning and organising of work and acuting the result

* Supervision and optimisation of production flow