Administrative Staff Unit

The Administrative Staff Unit is responsible for the following activities: administrative support of project funding and contract research, project controlling of third-party-funded and large investment projects and controlling at institute level, as well as assisting and guiding researchers through the registration and maintenance of intellectual property and providing technology transfer support. The scope of activities of the Administrative Staff Unit also includes legal support within the context of: third-party-funded projects (e.g. cooperation agreements in collaborative projects), technology transfer activities (e.g. licence and material transfer agreements) and other research-related agreements (e.g. non-disclosure agreements, contract research, author agreements, cooperation agreements with academic and industrial partners). In doing so, the unit takes on a service function – for HZG’s institutes, as well as for its administrative and scientific directors.

The Adminstrative Staff Unit combines two groups: "Project Administration", responsible for third-party-funded project management and "Technology Transfer Support", providing technology transfer support. Other tasks, juridical support as well project controlling and controlling at institute level are directly allocated to the head unit Adminstrative Staff.

The Team

Head Unit Administrativ Staff