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System Analysis and Modelling

The system analysis and modelling division of the Institute for Coastal Research is committed to research into changing environmental conditions in coastal zones and continental shelf seas. Focusing on developing forecast capabilities, reconstructing past environmental conditions and on developing scenarios for potential future developments together with exploring connections and effects of human/nature-interactions the division develops and promotes understanding and assessment of long-term changes related to wind (storms), waves, and storm surges and other scientific disciplines to support the scientific community, the general public, public authorities and businesses interested in coastal environmental conditions and change.

Research in the division is focusing on the following central questions
  • How does global change affect the coastal system?
  • What is the present state and what are the natural, anthropogenic, and socio-economic changes observed in the coastal zone?
  • What are the adaptation options and what are the coastal population’s perception of risk, natural hazards and the environment forming the basis on which to build sustainable management concepts and adaptation strategies?
  • How can we reliably and cost-effectively monitor coastal processes?
The methodological backbone of the work is
  • our knowledge and expertise in coastal processes, their variability, and long-term changes
  • our socio-economic expertise with regard to resilience, vulnerability and adaptation capacities of coastal systems
  • our competence in using and developing a large variety of regional environmental models such as regional atmosphere models, wind, wave and storm surge models, shelf sea, estuarine and ocean transport models as well as ecosystem models
  • our competence in statistical analysis
The division maintains close links with a large variety of stakeholders ranging from research, to authorities and commercial bodies helping in promoting and distributing latest research results as well as targeting and tailoring future research in-line with societies needs.

Overview of the departments

Coastal Climate

Regional Atmospheric Modelling

Data Analysis and Data Assimilation


Human Dimension of Coastal Areas

Coastal Impacts

Ecosystem Modelling

Coordination of ocean wave modelling themes

Coordination of storm themes

North German Climate Office

Coastal analyses and scenarios

Coastal Observing System for Northern and Arctic Seas